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Do Babies Cause Tornadoes?

Sure, they can both arrive with little warning (and can render a tidy house unrecognizable in a matter of seconds).

But it’s not all random chance… for years, the National Center for Health Statistics has reported that babies are most likely to make their debut on a Tuesday.  And they’re much less likely to be born on weekends, a gap that is notably larger for cesarean births and has widened over time.

Turns out that, just like you and me, obstetricians prefer not to work on Sunday.  But perhaps even more surprisingly, tornadoes may take the weekend off too.

Scientists analyzing summertime storm activity in the eastern U.S. found that tornadoes and hailstorms occur at a rate about 20% above average during the middle of the week and about 20% below average on weekends.

Correlation?  Check.  Causation?  Well, no one seems to be claiming that, at least not yet.

But the storm researchers do suggest that the pattern for tornadoes could be linked to air pollution levels, which also peak mid-week, thanks to all those commuters.  As moisture gathers around specks of pollutants, they theorize, new storms may breed.

Time to plug telecommuting… save a few gallons of gas, maybe even prevent a tornado.  Of course, they don’t deliver babies over the phone.

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