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There’s a Diaper for That

After reading about the songbird smuggler who was busted with bird droppings on his socks, my uncle pointed out that if he was going to smuggle exotic birds, he’d make sure to put diapers on them.

And fortunately, he has plenty of good options…try, which offers the Jungle Wear Birdie Diaper, along with instructions for how to diaper your tame or (in this case) not-so-tame bird.  There are even options for ducks and chickens.


But what about the guy with the monkeys?  Turns out that he’s in luck too (no need for scissors – they come with a ready-made hole for the tail).  That should make the 17 hour flight from Thailand to LAX a lot less messy.

Our pets at home deserve at least as much.  And websites are standing by to fill the need for almost any shape, size, or species that has no shame at parading around in hot pink undergarments.

  • Cats:  “Piddle Pants”

  • Dogs: “Pooch Pants”
  • Goats (again, with a handy 5-step program for diapering your goat kid or lamb)

So… what to do with all that kangaroo poo?  In 2005, Australians scraped together 55 pounds of kangaroo and wallaby dung to help Creative Paper Tasmania launch its first line of Roo Poo Paper.

And with the holidays just around the corner, nothing will say “Merry Christmas” quite like a card handmade with Reinder Poo.  Beat the rush, and order yours today.


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